WinCopyDVD is a dvd ripper software and dvd copy software to convert dvd to vcd/svcd and 1:1 true backup dvd software. It is the only tool in the world copy DVD to VCD/SVCD in 30 minutes, backup dvd to dvdr/minidvd in 15 minutes.(depending on the computer's speed!).

WinCopyDVD is very easy to use, just one click to copy your favorite movie. Step by Step wizards, no need of any technical knowledge. With WinCopyDVD, you can backup your DVDs to CDRs or DVDRs, and you can burn it to CDR or DVDR or just save on your computer with no need of an expensive special burner. WinCopyDVD gives you the option to choose the subtitles and audio to any language available on the original movie. Best of all, the movies you backup can be played on your home dvd player, living room player and any your portable player! Certainly, you can use Easy DVD Player software to play them on computer.

WinCopyDVD is the leader in this industry. We have four top technologies in the world;

  • Rapid copying DVD is possible through ZJMedia's three patented technologies: Singlepass, DirectEncode, and Intellizoom. WinCopyDVD is the only software that can copy in 15-30 minutes. Any other software package will take three to six hours to do the same job which means WinCopyDVD will save you precious time.

  • Excellent image quality is possible through the patented HighQ image quality technology. With the supported dolbysurround technology the audio quality is as good as the original disc. WinCopyDVD will allow you to enjoy quality audio and video on your CDR/DVDR.

  • The OnepassBurn technology will allow you to burn a CDR/DVDR from your movie with minimum usage of temporary hard drive space. Almost all home players can play the burned CDR/DVDR. Of course, your player will also play a CDR/DVDR you have burned from WinCopyDVD.

  • An entire movie can be copied to a CDR through WinCopyDVD's variable encoding technology. The picture and audio quality will barely be affected. The variable encode technology will completely remove mosaic to keep the video quality as high as possible. Almost every single home player (about 99%) can play the variable encoded CDR correctly.

What are you waiting for? Just use this dvd ripper software and dvd copy software to backup dvd now!.

Order WinCopyDVD, use this dvd copy software to bakcup dvd now!

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You can know more about WinCopyDVD in details:

  • World's fastest compression engine. Copy&convert&burn it in a matter of 20 to 50 minutes (depending on the speed of your computer).
  • Easy to use. Just one click to copy whole movie.
  • Stunning video and audio quality.
  • Options to choose different subtitles and audio.
  • No need of an expensive special burner, direct burning to CD.
  • The movies you backup can be played on nearly all dvd players.
  • Two convert modes, one for speed preference, another for picture quality preference.
  • Variable Encode VideoCD, you can backup the whole movie into only one CDR and play it on a home player.
  • Multi-language.
  • Skin changing.
  • Five style of user interface included.
  • Auto update check for a new version via internet.
  • Three output modes.
  • Keep the same aspect ratio of movies.
  • Dolby surround audio effect. (Only for Platinum Edition)
  • Option to preview the movies.
  • Option to auto shutdown your computer when completed the copying.
  • ...

FREE: Download WinCopyDVD trial version, use this dvd ripper software to copy dvd to vcd in 30 minute. 

System requirements:

Minimum: Pentium II 233 PC or higher
32MB RAM or more
Recommend: Pentium III 450 PC or higher
64MB RAM or more
Operating system: Windows 95, 98/98SE, Me, NT4, 2000 or XP/2003

What's new:

WinCopyDVD Version 3.5

  • Support backup dvd to minidvd on the fly in 15 minutes. What does it mean? It means the customer could copy DVD to CDR in 15 minutes on the fly (No need any conversion time and no need any hard drive space, only need burning time).
  • Support that custom the MPEG split size to fit different CDR/CDRW.
  • Support custom the MPEG output file size.
  • More stable and quality.
  • Rewrite project, fix some bugs.

WinCopyDVD Version 3.1 (2003.10.04)

  • Fix a bug that decrypting CSS DVD is not correct.
  • Fix other some bugs. 

WinCopyDVD Version 3.0 (2003.07.20)

  • Three patent technologies: "SinglePass", "DirectEncode", and "IntelliZoom", makes the new compression engine, - world's fastest, only 30 minutes needed to backup DVD to VCD.
  • Support of dolby surround audio effect. 
  • Support preview the movie when converting.
  • Easy to use. Now just one click to copy dvd.
  • The new "HighQ" patent technology makes stunning video and audio quality. 

WinCopyDVD Version 2.0

  • Support burn VCD/SVCD to CDR and play in on almost all home DVD player.
  • Support Variable Encode VCD.
  • Support two convert mode - speed&quality.

WinCopyDVD Version 1.0 **First Public Version**

  • Support copy DVD to VCD/SVCD.
  • Support copy DVD to hard driver.
  • Support style changing of userinterface.
  • Support multi-language.
  • Support skin changing.


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