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WinCopyDVD is a dvd ripper and dvd copy software. It is the only dvd copy software in the world could copy DVD to VCD in 30 minutes and DVD to SVCD in 60 minutes (depending on the computer's speed!), It is very easy to use, just one click to copy DVD to vcd. Step by Step wizards, no need any special knowledge. see more >>

How to convert dvd to vcd
How to use it as a dvd ripper
How to dvd copy

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WinCopyDVD v3.5 is releasing now! (16th, Jan. )
This dvd ripper supports backup dvd to dvd/minidvd on the fly in 15 minutes.
What does it mean? It means the customer could copy DVD in 15 minutes on the fly (No need any conversion time and no need any hard drive space, only need burning time). see more>>

What's the MiniDVD?
MiniDVD is a DVD movie on CDRs disc. The MiniDVD have the same video&audio quality as DVDs (AC3 audio, 720*480, 16:9 video and multi-subtitles). It can played on computer and most of home DVD player produced after June, 2002.(Note: not all home dvd player). Normally, one DVD will need 3-4 CDRs to backup.


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